Commercial Cyber

Comprehensive Commercial Cyber

Threats to a company’s proprietary information and customer data are an ever-changing, always increasing challenge. The cost of a data breach includes legal expenses, forensic fees, lost customers, reputation management, and the notification process. Unfortunately, actual costs extend beyond the dollars spent to address the incident: 31% of breach notification recipients terminate their relationship with the organization, 59% of breached companies were embroiled in subsequent litigation, 33% faced potential regulatory fines, and 32% experienced a decline in share value. Approximately 60% of all small or medium sized companies go out of business within six months of experiencing a breach. Most small or medium sized companies lack the expertise or resources to properly address the cyber landscape.


The GIS Comprehensive Commercial Cyber Service includes:

  • Assistance with proper protocols and staff training for those protocols
  • Assistance with compliance
  • Protection and Planning
  • Consulting regarding information protocols and best practices
  • Establishing cyber security baseline and maturity levels
  • Breach or Ransom Response
  • Resolution for consumers
  • Access to certified forensic examiners
  • Post Resolution Education and Ongoing Protocol Reviews