Responding to a Data Breach

Responding to a Data Breach

Responding to a Data Breach

Assessment and Consultation

If you suspect that a breach has occurred, you should contact Bankers Insurance Group immediately. Together with our breach specialists, you will assess the nature of the breach and activate the suitable response to address facts surrounding the breach.

Appropriate Notification

Our specialists will provide assistance drafting the notification letter to the breached constituents. The notification letter will satisfy legal requirements but also serve as the first good-will action from your company to those affected by the breach customer. We may also create a secure website that individuals can access when seeking electronic information regarding approved FAQs pertaining to the breach or to enroll in gifted credit products.

Fraud Resolution and Direct Customer Interaction

Our fraud specialists will take all calls from individuals who receive a notification letter. Recipients have unlimited access to the fraud department to ask questions, express concerns or to receive resolution for any identity theft problems. Our fraud experts will assist customers with placing protective measures around their personal and financial information, assist with credit product enrollments, and provide reassurance.

Additional Services

A media action plan may also be created to coordinate press releases and address media inquiries. This allows your company to anticipate negative public reaction and institute steps to protect its reputation. Breach experts will also work with your staff when interaction is mandated by regulatory authorities, credit bureaus and law enforcement. Certain breach circumstances mandate distribution of monitoring products to affected individuals. We can offer a varied menu of monitoring products at highly favorable pricing. Your company will also be provided ongoing status reports that facilitate maintaining a comprehensive compliance file addressing the breach response.