Cyber Brand & Reputation Management

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What is Cyber Brand & Reputation Management (CBRM)?

Cyber Brand and Reputation Management (CBRM) powered by .domainSkate makes domain name monitoring easier and more cost-efficient than ever. With CBRM's automated software solution and User Dashboard, you can protect your company and your clients from the misuse of company. CBRM will quickly identify and classify potential threats by brand identities and personal identity fraud before hackers divert web traffic, steal revenue and damage brand and personal reputations.

CBRM is a is SaaS based service that doesn’t require any software to be installed on your networks. CBRM searches the web for you to find any use of your domain names and fraudulent sites. The findings are delivered in an easy to read Dashboard with an assessment of the risk of each instance.

CBRM also monitors how your brand is used in foreign jurisdictions and evaluates in relation to compliance laws. In many places, failure to comply with these laws may mean the loss of your cyber identity, brand names, copyrights and trademarks. All are of critical importance to your company’s identity and survival.


Your brand’s “digital identity” is made up of brand names, domain names, trademarks, slogans, social media handles, app store entries, popular search terms and more.

Digital identities are used by “Bad Actors” to determine strategies that will help them successfully impersonate and profit from your brand.

What it Does?

Our system lets you monitor how your brand name and domain are being used online, manage any potential problems, and quickly fix any issues.

We review over 270 million domain namesevery dayfor our clients, provide critical information about each domain, and archive it – giving you the evidence you need to take down cyber-squatters. We also track trademarks and social media IDs in a unique and effective way.

CBRM is able to recognize attributes of commercial and social websites and use sophisticated search algorithms to determine if your site, brand and content are being copied for fraudulent use by other parties.

Advanced diagnostics are deployed in various markets and countries for your website to ensure that the site is within compliance standards for use of copyrights and trademarks.

Broad coverage of the online environment including the original 22 domains and over 1000 new Top Level Domains and nearly 100 of the most popular country code TLDs finds what you need to know to protect your site and on-line identity. CBRM’s simple to read reports identify potentially malicious sites, helping protect you from accidentally infecting your firm’s computers with viruses and other malware.


The results are delivered in easy to read formats calling your attention to the highest risks:

  • Easy graphical dashboard with workflow
  • Access to all top level domains, new generic TLDs and country code TLDs we track
  • Results aren’t limited by brand or quantity
  • All domains are checked for malware or phishing before you visit them
  • WHOIS monitoring, domain expiration and web hosting change notifications are provided
  • Archived website/homepage histories are kept to help in legal challenges
  • Screenshots are delivered for every domain
  • Email alerts with new domains, changes to watched domains, and changes in WHOIS or hosting information are delivered for rapid response